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Weddings Unveiled Magazine — Fall 2012 Issue {published}

Look at the loveliness that I found in my mailbox earlier this week — an envelope containing copies of the Fall 2012 issue of Weddings Unveiled Magazine:  The finest resource for inspired wedding style!  Weddings Unveiled is a gorgeous magazine and we were graciously invited to advertise in their publication.  First, the beautiful cover photo by Brooke Thomas of Weddings Unveiled.

And here is our lovely ad — it turned out so well!  (We’re on page 119 and many thanks to our lovely bride, Kim!)

Go out and get a copy today, or at least take a look through their on-line magazine….So much beauty in one place!

Katie + Adam {wedding} The Wedding Experience

I started planning our wedding—actually starting to buy things and solidify ideas—probably in February.  We got engaged in December and, while I already had things I KNEW I would want to buy/make, it was hard for me to start that process right away, with the wedding being ten months away.  I was certain about who I wanted to make our invitations, so I started that process right away.  And with that, things just happened.  Some ideas I attached myself to, like the handmade place mats, and some just didn’t work.  I love the look of having different plates (preferably cool, vintage china), but knowing we’d have a fairly large wedding, PLUS the mismatched place mats… it became an idea that just needed to be let go.  That’s what my whole summer became.  Reeling in a ton of ideas and throwing a lot of them out.

It’s a good idea to start off with an idea of what you want your wedding to feel like.  The atmosphere.  Classy or casual?  Traditional or unique?  So on and so on.  We knew off the bat we wanted a simple wedding that felt like you were getting together for a casual picnic with oh, 175 of our nearest and dearest.  With that comes a certain look and style.  We could also be more casual when it came to plates (paper plates from Costco!) and silverware (from Costco!), since our catering was a homecooked “picnic” meal.

I was reluctant throughout the planning process to go through with two days of events.  I held question marks over a lot of factors:  Would people come?  We have to plan another meal?  How are we going to entertain everyone?…  However, this turned out to be hugely successful, and we were so thankful for the cooperative weather!  The best part was that we got to spend ample time with everyone.  Pretty much everyone came on both days, and thanks to Adam’s awesome family, we fed everyone haystacks, hot cider and hard cider, and over a dozen friends made cookies.  Everyone pitched in and it was so much fun.  My brothers sang a hilarious song they wrote for us, and numerous friends played music ’til dark.  If you’re up for the extra work, I’d highly recommend it!

We tried to reflect more about the meaning of our wedding, you know, the actual getting married part, than what it would mean for us to get all the cool little details that make weddings sparkly and neat.  Our ceremony was planned with our pastor and his wife as we went about marriage counseling.  We chose scripture that we based the message off of, and wrote our own vows.  For our unity symbol, we gave all our guests candles that were lit as we exchanged rings and our friends sang a song, signifying the bond between us and our friends and family who have been such a valuable part of our lives.  It was a very special moment for us, where we could take a deep breath and look out at all our guests.  Things like that can’t be too rehearsed, but it turned out to be one of our favorite parts of the wedding.

For our cocktail hour, guests enjoyed homemade fruit slush—a favorite refreshing snack of ours—while we finished up taking photos.  The reception was very laid back; people played corn hole, ate a lot of food, listened to music, wrote stories and well wishes on the post cards we left on the tables, and enjoyed a beautiful fall day.  For our “exit” we all gathered in front of the Hobson House and Keesha took pictures of all of us together, waving and high-fiving. :)

When all is said and done, there were definitely glitches.  The frozen fruit slush was very much frozen as opposed to slushy by the time it was served, but friends immediately stepped up and pounded away at it until it was perfect.  By the time the reception rolled along we realized we really didn’t plan a whole lot of details after the ceremony, but who would have noticed besides us?  It’s kind of the way Adam and I roll.  If things are planned to a T, something’s bound to go out of place.  And for some reason, it all worked out.  I honestly wouldn’t change a thing (except for getting sick immediately after everyone left).  My advice is to set goals throughout the planning process, and get things done ahead of time.  If people say they can help, use them!  It turns into such a fun process when more people get involved.  On the day of, let people take care of things… no one wants to see a frantic bride.  My aunt from Iowa flew down a week early to be an extra set of hands as we finished up place mats, bouquets and other little details, which was a huge help (thanks Aunt Mim!).

Focus on what’s important.  Keeping that simple idea in mind made our weekend simply wonderful.

A final note by Keesha:  And so ends the story of Katie and Adam’s wedding planning process and their entire wedding experience….And so begins their new life together!  I hope that you enjoyed this series!  If you happened to miss any of these great posts, click on the ‘categories’ drop-down menu above and find, ‘wedding planning’.  (Fourteen fun posts that started way back in July!)  Thanks so much, Katie, for sharing your thoughts!

Katie + Adam {wedding} The Honeymoon in Italy

Let’s just say I didn’t think our honeymoon was off to a good start when we realized I left my camera somewhere (the car) as we sat in the London airport.  Once I kind of got over it (we bought a point and shoot a few days in), we traveled from Milan to Cinque Terre by train.  I was very impressed with the quality of transportation, as we never had to worry about getting from one place to the next.  Trains are pretty awesome.

My eyes got wider and wider as we neared Cinque Terre.  We missed our stop at the town we planned on staying at first, and as an added bonus to not planning a single thing ahead of time, we just said, “Welp… on to the next town!”  Which just so happened to be our favorite; the town of Corniglia was certainly the smallest of the five towns, but we found a charming little old Italian woman that had a room for rent, with a balcony view that blew us away.  The weather was absolutely perfect the entire trip, and the tourists were apparently far fewer than the summer rush (but there were still a lot of people with their big DSLR cameras… oh, the envy).

The food was great and the wine even greater.  Pasta and pesto and cheese and fresh loaves of bread… it’s all so, so good.  We often just bought a loaf of bread and some fresh sliced meat and cheese to satisfy our snack time and pleading wallets.  It sure beats a loaf of Wonder bread and slices of orange American cheese.

We usually took a train to a different town each day to Ooh! and Aah! over the gorgeous landscape and pastel colored houses and shops stacked up one on top of the other.  We stayed two nights in Riggamore at a less than ideal spot.  The bed was so sunken in we had to put folding chairs underneath the mattress to give it some support.  Ah, the joys of the unknown.  After that we went straight back to Corniglia and our cute little Italian grandma welcomed us back again with open arms.

All in all, we definitely came away from Italy with many stories to share—and luckily, a few photos to accompany.  We won’t be forgetting this beautiful place anytime soon.  We were, however, very eager to come back to an apartment that we anticipated calling home.  A wonderful start to our journey.

(L) Locals always catching up on what’s happening out on the street.

Town of Manarola

View at dusk from our balcony in Corniglia.