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New Logo and Website and Blog!!!

This has been a LONG time in the making, but finally, finally everything is finished….  I am absolutely thrilled and beyond excited to share my fabulous new logo, website, and blog with you!!!  I had been considering re-branding for quite a while now.  However, it is such a huge ordeal and a little scary to take a step back, evaluate, critique, conceptualize, and then to dive into a whole new look.  I must say though that I am so, so happy with the end result and I think that it truly represents RubySky Photography and what my business has matured into over these last few years.  I cannot give enough thanks to my graphic designer, Giant Step Design.  Josh took my scattered ideas and visions and brought them together.  (All of his work is incredibly awesome!)  I just love, love, love the final product!

So without further ado, I introduce you to the new logo and look of RubySky Photography.  You will find the new blog right here.  And be sure to check out my amazing new website too!


Isn’t it just so lovely and perfect?! :)

Weddings Unveiled Magazine — Fall 2012 Issue {published}

Look at the loveliness that I found in my mailbox earlier this week — an envelope containing copies of the Fall 2012 issue of Weddings Unveiled Magazine:  The finest resource for inspired wedding style!  Weddings Unveiled is a gorgeous magazine and we were graciously invited to advertise in their publication.  First, the beautiful cover photo by Brooke Thomas of Weddings Unveiled.

And here is our lovely ad — it turned out so well!  (We’re on page 119 and many thanks to our lovely bride, Kim!)

Go out and get a copy today, or at least take a look through their on-line magazine….So much beauty in one place!

Sarah & The Dinosaur

Sarah & The DinosaurA play about a girl, her cancer, and a dinosaur.

This is not your typical cancer play.  Sarah & The Dinosaur is an unorthodox, funny, heartbreaking, and honest narrative of one woman and her journey with cancer.  In Sarah’s world, this cancer has come to her in the form of a Dinosaur.  It doesn’t look like Barney.  It follows her everywhere.  It feels guilty.  It wants to leave, but it is so hungry. Through all of this, Sarah fights her Dinosaur and struggles to make peace with what it means to live with terminal cancer.

Woven into the play are original writings from the real-life Sarah’s blog, [Love X Infinity]2 where she chronicles her life as a “Cancer Princess.”  This is the story of her sometimes quirky, sometimes poignant, always courageous, soulful fight with cancer.

I went to college with the real-life Sarah, but unfortunately did not know her personally.  Many years later, I learned that she had eye cancer and that it had spread to her liver.  And then a little while later, I heard about the play that Ingrid De Sanctis wrote, Sarah & The Dinosaur, and knew that I wanted to go see it.  As so many others can relate, I too have connections with cancer in my family.

I bought my ticket and went to see the play at one of the premiere shows and then it became extremely personal to me, though I did not fully realize that until later….You see, as I was sitting there that evening watching a play about a girl and her terminal cancer, my mom was trying to call me on the phone to let me know that my grandma was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given less than a year to live….  It was kind of like a slap in the face.  However, I knew that I wanted to do something to support this amazing story and the real-life Sarah, a.k.a. “Cancer Princess”.  So I offered my photography services to document the person that inspired this story and the people that brought the story to life….the story about a girl, her cancer, and a dinosaur.

I hope that your heart and soul will be touched and moved by these images.  And I cannot tell you enough to get out and go see this play….You will not regret it!  And those local to the area, that time is this week!  You can watch Sarah & The Dinosaur on Thursday April 26th (tomorrow!), Friday April 27th, and Saturday April 28th.  All shows begin at 7:30 p.m. and will take place at ShenanArts at the nTelos Theatre in Staunton, Virginia.

The Steel Wheels {music} Album Release – “Lay Down, Lay Low”

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for months and months.  I made sure to not book anything on Saturday, March 10th (nope, I booked absolutely nothing at all — sorry everyone!).  Saturday (and Sunday too) was the big day for the original Americana roots band, The Steel Wheels….  It was finally time for the long-awaited hometown album release concerts.  I have been witnessing the development of their new album, “Lay Down, Lay Low”, for quite some time now and was so excited to finalize witness the fruits of their labor.  And not only have The Steel Wheels released this new album on CD, but it is also available on 12″ Vinyl!  Yes, a real record….how fun!

This weekend’s concerts were at Clementine Cafe in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Clementine was the perfect backdrop for the occasion with their “Food + Music + Art”, which to me was delicious food, outstanding music (of course!), and an eclectic display of original artwork.

There were actually two concerts on Saturday!  The first show was an ‘all-seated listening room event’.  (The first show sold out over three months in advance!)  The second show did not have advance tickets and was a ‘late after-party show’.  Both shows, while extremely different, were fabulous!  There was also another ‘all-seated listening room’ show on Sunday, but unfortunately, I was not able to be there for that concert.

First, enjoy some pictures from the early show on Saturday….

Always love the colors and atmosphere at Clementine.

Okay, funny story here….  As you read above, the “Lay Down, Lay Low” album is available for the first time on Vinyl.  In addition to buying the records at their shows and on-line, you can also purchase them right here at Harrisonburg’s downtown skate and record shop — Wonder Skate/Wonder Records.  So Trent went and bought a few ‘interesting’ records at the shop, took them out of the sleeves, and put them in some of the sleeves of The Steel Wheels records.  A certain number of happy buyers received a surprise of an additional record!  One of those prized beauties was, “Lucky Steels the Wheel”! :)

LOVE this shot.

And now some pictures from the late ‘dance party’ show.  All the chairs were cleared out to make room for dancing and having a good time!

The lighting is so striking.

A view from the balcony….

Band members left to right:  Brian Dickel, Trent Wagler, Jay Lapp, Eric Brubaker, Oliver Craven.

And chatting it up with adoring fans at the merchandise table.

It was a wonderful evening, indeed!  This new album has already made an impact on the music scene….  “Lay Down, Lay Low” made its Americana Music Association Top 40 radio chart debut yesterday!….Coming in at #34 after its first week on radio!  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this very special band!  Find out more information, as well as their schedule, on The Steel Wheels website.