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The Steel Wheels {music} Album Release – “Lay Down, Lay Low”

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for months and months.  I made sure to not book anything on Saturday, March 10th (nope, I booked absolutely nothing at all — sorry everyone!).  Saturday (and Sunday too) was the big day for the original Americana roots band, The Steel Wheels….  It was finally time for the long-awaited hometown album release concerts.  I have been witnessing the development of their new album, “Lay Down, Lay Low”, for quite some time now and was so excited to finalize witness the fruits of their labor.  And not only have The Steel Wheels released this new album on CD, but it is also available on 12″ Vinyl!  Yes, a real record….how fun!

This weekend’s concerts were at Clementine Cafe in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Clementine was the perfect backdrop for the occasion with their “Food + Music + Art”, which to me was delicious food, outstanding music (of course!), and an eclectic display of original artwork.

There were actually two concerts on Saturday!  The first show was an ‘all-seated listening room event’.  (The first show sold out over three months in advance!)  The second show did not have advance tickets and was a ‘late after-party show’.  Both shows, while extremely different, were fabulous!  There was also another ‘all-seated listening room’ show on Sunday, but unfortunately, I was not able to be there for that concert.

First, enjoy some pictures from the early show on Saturday….

Always love the colors and atmosphere at Clementine.

Okay, funny story here….  As you read above, the “Lay Down, Lay Low” album is available for the first time on Vinyl.  In addition to buying the records at their shows and on-line, you can also purchase them right here at Harrisonburg’s downtown skate and record shop — Wonder Skate/Wonder Records.  So Trent went and bought a few ‘interesting’ records at the shop, took them out of the sleeves, and put them in some of the sleeves of The Steel Wheels records.  A certain number of happy buyers received a surprise of an additional record!  One of those prized beauties was, “Lucky Steels the Wheel”! :)

LOVE this shot.

And now some pictures from the late ‘dance party’ show.  All the chairs were cleared out to make room for dancing and having a good time!

The lighting is so striking.

A view from the balcony….

Band members left to right:  Brian Dickel, Trent Wagler, Jay Lapp, Eric Brubaker, Oliver Craven.

And chatting it up with adoring fans at the merchandise table.

It was a wonderful evening, indeed!  This new album has already made an impact on the music scene….  “Lay Down, Lay Low” made its Americana Music Association Top 40 radio chart debut yesterday!….Coming in at #34 after its first week on radio!  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this very special band!  Find out more information, as well as their schedule, on The Steel Wheels website.

Shannon + Damian {wedding} Sneak Peek, UVA Chapel & Clifton Inn, Charlottesville

I met Shannon, Damian, and Shannon’s parents a couple of months ago and knew that I liked them right away!  This was especially true after Shannon’s dad mentioned that he listened to The Steel Wheels music on our website for three days before even looking at the pictures. :)  And who wouldn’t love a couple that decided to have their wedding on a Wednesday — how fun and perfect to celebrate between Christmas and New Years!

I just love that Shannon and Damian randomly met each other at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden!  They both appreciate the arts — Shannon’s undergrad studies were in art history and Damian has his MFA of Art and is a university art professor — and it’s wonderful that our artistic photography style was just what they were seeking for their wedding!

The Clifton Inn was as exquisite as always (LOVE the color of the wallpaper) and UVA Chapel was beautiful in the morning light.  The gorgeous flowers were by Pat’s Floral Designs.  Shannon looked radiant….and her lovely sash….handmade by her aunt!  Enjoy a few pictures of our last wedding of 2011.

Shannon and Damian will soon be on their way to a honeymoon in Italy, an unforgettable gift from Damian’s father.  To everyone….enjoy this last day of 2011 and have fun and be safe as you bring in the New Year!  We’re so excited for what’s in store in 2012!

Stacey + Jeremy {wedding} Sneak Peek, Iowa

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share these pictures with you!!!  Last Thursday, I hopped on a plane and flew out to the great state of Iowa.  And what makes Iowa so great, you may ask, well….hmm….let me get back to you on that. :)  There’s endless rows of corn and soybean fields, pigs and cows, and some silly little black and gold mascot that people seem to go nuts over.  No really, it is so great because I know lots of wonderful people who live there, namely my in-laws!  Stacey is one of my beautiful sisters-in-law and I was so truly honored that she chose me to document her wedding.  (Stacey loves photography and is pretty good at it too!)

Stacey and Jeremy were married last Friday in the front yard of their gorgeous home.  And I am still amazed at all of her DIY decorations!  (This is just a small sampling – she made EVERYTHING.)  Stacey went above and beyond what I could ever imagine and to top it off,  she even made all of their girls’ dresses!  Also, it was truly a family affair as my other sister-in-law made many of the delicious desserts and The Steel Wheels played fantastic music all night long!  I am loving all these pictures….BEAUTIFUL!

I know, this turned into a little more than a sneak peek, but they’re family, and I’m sure that no one will mind.  Stacey and Jeremy, we love you guys and are so happy for you!

Katie + Adam {wedding planning} The Proposal

*** Post edited to add pictures of the ring!

This is Keesha here:  A Saturday without a wedding?  Why, yes it is.  Apparently not too many people want to get married in July!  So it’s a nice little break.  I even had the chance to do real Saturday things….Today we went to the Friendly City Food Co-op Grand Opening Celebration!  It’s “a community-owned grocery store featuring fresh, local and organic foods and products,” located in Harrisonburg.  We enjoyed the always-fantastic music of The Steel Wheels, had some delicious vendor samples, the kids got their faces painted, and then we bought some lunch inside the store and had a little picnic out on the sidewalk.  It was a good afternoon, indeed!  And now, back to photographs….In case you missed the opening post of this new “Wedding Planning” series, go back and start at the first post to meet “The Couple“.  And I will leave you with “The Proposal”, in Katie’s own words….

We picked out the ring months ahead.  I went once with friends, then by myself.  Now, me being the indecisive person that I am, I thought this process was going to be awful.  I admire a guy that can pick out the bling himself, but I think every girl has a few whispered words of advice before he hands over his savings to the jewelers.  So I showed him my top two picks, and let the rest fall in his hands.

Fast forward, and it’s December 1.  (Is it bad that I had to look back on Facebook to remember what day he proposed? Oh boy.)  My friends all head out to a basketball game, but I choose to stay at home to get some work done.  Adam’s at work in Charlottesville and has been texting me periodically throughout the day, asking what I’m doing, which I just take as a nice gesture; I’m usually the one keeping tabs on him. :)  I fry up some trail bologna, flop down on the couch, and turn on some MTV.  I have set the stage.

Not too long after I start eating that sad, lonely dinner, our front door opens.  In walks Adam. I knew at that second what was coming, but I act cool, calm, collected. “…What are you doing here…?” I ask.  He sheepishly smiles and comes and sits next to me.  I figure this is a good time to set down my plate and turn off the quality stuff I was watching.

He hands me a book and tells me to read it.  Flipping page after page, one word at a time, it starts off:  Get. Ready. For. The. Adventure. Of. A. Lifetime.

Inside are polaroids, letters, well-wishes, congratulations, welcome-to-the-family’s, way too much to take in and I ask him, “Do I have to read all this right now?!”  I flip through pictures of all our friends and family.  It’s a beautiful thing.  He whips out a ring, and bam.  We’re engaged.  After all the excitement, tears, phone calls, I remember that I had an engagement gift for him as well. A month or so before, I had asked one of our good friends to help me pick out a baby guitar for Adam to take on our travels.  In a vow to encourage him to continue his music and travels, I whipped out that little Baby Taylor, and he kindly accepted.


Up next week on the blog will be a pretty significant part of their wedding….the location!  Check back to see what venue Katie and Adam chose for their day.