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Weddings Unveiled Magazine — Fall 2012 Issue {published}

Look at the loveliness that I found in my mailbox earlier this week — an envelope containing copies of the Fall 2012 issue of Weddings Unveiled Magazine:  The finest resource for inspired wedding style!  Weddings Unveiled is a gorgeous magazine and we were graciously invited to advertise in their publication.  First, the beautiful cover photo by Brooke Thomas of Weddings Unveiled.

And here is our lovely ad — it turned out so well!  (We’re on page 119 and many thanks to our lovely bride, Kim!)

Go out and get a copy today, or at least take a look through their on-line magazine….So much beauty in one place!

Gricelda + Ian {wedding}

I was overjoyed to receive an e-mail from Gricelda, stating that she and her fiance, Ian, were looking for a wedding photographer for their early summer wedding.  And Ian is a cousin of one of our past brides, Rachel.  Rachel and Chad are simply an awesome couple and their wedding had the BEST dance party!  So anyone related to them, gets an A+ in our book! :)

Gricelda is from L.A. and Ian is from the D.C. area and how they came to meet was kind of fun….Gricelda decided to move east for a job and Ian’s aunt (who lived in CA and knew Gricelda) said that she had a nephew living there and she could ask him to show her around D.C…..And the rest is history, as they say.

On the day of their wedding, we were driving on our way to meet them and I received a call from Gricelda.  I could tell by her voice that something was up.  (It would probably help to mention that their wedding was on June 30th, the day after the ‘derecho’ storm left a wide path of destruction around us.)  Well, the church where the wedding ceremony was going to be held, had no electricity.  So around 11:00 that morning, they made the decision to move the ceremony to a hotel, the same location as the reception.  And they also moved the ceremony time back one hour later.  I believe that there was a little bit of craziness that day for everyone, but it all came together in the end!

And Gricelda was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Gricelda coming down the stairs for her and Ian’s “First Look”.

A hug from Ian and Gricelda’s dad too.

Maybe the cutest little flower girl that you ever saw!

So elegant.

That day was SO hot, but everyone was great and just went along with the flow.  On the way to the hotel, we all stopped at Sully Historic Park for pictures.  The park was actually closed that day due to all of the storm damage, but thankfully Gricelda and Ian had prearranged our visit.

So….Gricelda is a woman of many faces and she just makes me laugh!

Love this.

The alternate location worked out beautifully for their ceremony.  Gricelda and Ian chose to incorporate a few traditional items to their ceremony, including the lazo, coins, and bouquet offering to Mary.

Pure joy.

Loved this bridge.

Beautiful light.

The reception….

Ian’s grandfather wrote and recited a poem about Ian and Gricelda.  It was incredible!

The dollar dance — so fun to watch!

I think that this is the sweetest picture of Gricelda’s parents and I just had to include it in this blog post!  It was wonderful that so many of Gricelda’s family and friends were able to make the trip from California.

These still make me laugh….Gricelda and Ian set up an entire area for their “photo booth”.  There were huge posters set up along the walls, lots of props, signs, and other fun accessories.

And here they are recreating the proposal at the Washington Monument. :)

Stay tuned for Gricelda and Ian’s ‘day after’ session….

Jessica + Kyle {day after}

Sometimes the timing is just perfect….Jessica contacted me about doing an engagement session, saying she and her fiance were both in the Army and were only going to be in the area for a few short weeks, and a week later I met them for what I found out was their day after session.  Jessica and Kyle had literally gotten married the day before the session!  How fun!  (Just a little side note….day after sessions can be anytime after your wedding — the day after, a week or month later, or even on your one-year anniversary!)

Oh yes, and I knew that I would love this couple when Jessica’s first e-mail started out with, “Good Morning, I am in love with your work.”  And to make it even better, Jessica said that she loves brick buildings and old downtowns.  Perfect!

The evening of their session was so beautiful and I was definitely in love with all of the locations that we found for pictures.  Jessica and Kyle were so great to work with, and it was so fun to witness their love and interactions.  And they certainly made my job super easy, as they both were completely as ease in front of the camera, and such natural models! :)

So many favorites images from this session….

Where they got married the day before!

They are one stunning couple….

And Jessica is completely gorgeous and so sweet too.

The light was perfect all evening.

Love this series of images.

Another favorite….aren’t their hats so cute?!

We were walking along to our next location and Kyle randomly does this fancy little jump. :)  Of course, I made him to it a few more times for the camera!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when we came across this old trolley car….yes, I was in heaven!

Such a pretty ring.

Simply beautiful.

One last location….

When I sent the link to Jessica for them to view their finished pictures, Jessica had more sweet compliments, “These pictures are gorgeous!!!  I’m in love.  Seriously.”  Thanks so much Jessica and Kyle, for allowing me to document this very special time in your lives!  I hope that Kyle is able to travel back home very soon!  And let me know if you need a photographer out in California next year for the big wedding festivities! :)